Sunday, June 27, 2010

Generic update

Whew! It's been a crazy couple of months. The post-surgical limitations to my mobility ended up slowing me down in lots of other ways, too. When you can't get around quickly, or (as when I was still on crutches) have limited use of your hands as well as legs, things like checking email and blogging tend to get pushed aside. This is because everything else takes so damn long to accomplish, the other stuff feels like small potatoes.

Anyway, the knee is much better, thank you very much. Not 100%, certainly, but I'd say about 75%. It still feels a bit stiff, and while I got full extension back, full flexion hasn't been reached yet. But I'm being a good girl - going to PT 3x/week, doing my home exercises on days that I don't and generally working toward normalcy once again.

The kids finished school for the year. N wants to start Kindergarten RIGHT NOW, but I think I've finally managed to get her to accept the fact that she has to wait until September, there's just nothing to be done about it. A enjoyed second grade ever so much more than first, thanks to his wonderful teacher, Mr. Haines. But still, he was thrilled with the arrival of summer vacation. We just spent an unscheduled (except for my PT appointments) week together and are gearing up for the start of summer camp this week.

They'll only be there for a week before they head to Grandma camp for a week while DH and I go to St. Maarten for vacation. We were originally going to Saba, but that island's main claims to fame are diving and hiking - two things I'm not allowed to do right now. So, since our main air tix were to St. Maarten, we decided to just stay there for the week instead of taking our puddle hopper to Saba. St. Maarten's diving isn't as pristine, but it still doesn't suck. So the divers among our group can still get their fix in, but I'll have more to keep me happy top-side while they're under water. While we're gone, Summer will stay with my dear friend, The Crazy Dog Lady. I'm sure she'll have a blast, as she does every time she goes there.

Then it's back to normal life for a while before we head back to Erie again for my *gasp* 20-year high school reunion. How the heck did 20 years go by? I swear, inside my head I still feel like the girl who graduated from Mercyhurst Preparatory School in 1990. Okay, maybe not quite...but if not 17, certainly no older than 25. Alas, I'm less than a month from my 38th birthday! I take pretty good care of myself and am (with the exception of the recently bum knee) in decent shape, so age is not something that freaks me out. But still...the number just doesn't match how I feel. It's odd.

Then, in September I'll be stepping back on stage as Catherine in The Players Club of Swarthmore's production of The Foreigner. I'm so proud to be able to be a part of the Theater's Centennial season - it's going to be such fun!

I think that's all the news that's fit to print around here lately. So, what's up with you? Drop me a line, will ya?

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