Saturday, October 29, 2011

Random, scattershot update

Hi there! It's been a while, eh? (<-No, I'm not Canadian but I grew up in Erie, PA - which is pretty darn close.) So, since there's so much that's happened since blogged last, I thought I'd give the Reader's Digest version.

Back in June/early July, we went on a SCUBA trip to Saba, N.A. Wow, was that place beautiful. Some of the best diving I've experienced yet, and a tiny, unspoiled island from which to enjoy it. The residents are friendlier than any I've ever come across, as well. Maybe because the main activities are hiking and diving - so the tourist influx isn't overwhelming enough to annoy them. Regardless, fabulous trip. The kids stayed with Grandma and Grandpa - they also had a great time being spoiled by their grandparents and playing with their cousins. So it was a winning week all around.

At the end of the summer, we took another trip, this time all four of us. Hubby went on a business trip to London back in May and the pictures he sent back enthralled the kids so much, they wanted to go, too. They've become big Doctor Who fans over the past year, so they really wanted to go to The Doctor Who Experience. But it closes in November. So we needed to find a time to go before then. Rather than jump through the hoops of getting approval from the school to take them out for more than two days, we just put the trip at the end of their summer vacation. Spent the first couple of days staying with friends in Derby (which is pronounced Darby, and is a couple hours north of London). Then a few days in Cheddar - exploring the countryside, visiting castles, hiking Cheddar Gorge, visiting my ancestral hometown and on our way from the country to London - STONEHENGE! Coolness everywhere; it was amazing. Then we continued on to London, where we hung out with friends, saw a show (The 39 Steps - hilarious!), enjoyed London's gorgeous parks, historical sites, museums, restaurants and one big shopping trip to Harrod's. Took the tube just about everywhere - which was one of the kids' favorite parts. Oh, and of course, our trip to The Doctor Who Experience - which was lots of fun.

Then the school year began. Both kids are in elementary school now - in school all day, taking the bus together, the whole shebang. And while you'd think with all of the extra solo time, I'd be all productive and'd be wrong. *sigh* Oh well...

Still doing the QVC gig. My weekly Tuesday morning Denim & Co. slot is ongoing - but I've also got some other work recently, which is great! Recently, I've been modeling for Stan Herman. He primarily does pajamas and loungewear. This stuff is outrageously comfortable! Also, I did a couple of stints for a brand called Women With Control - which is basically clothing with the shapewear built in. Pretty neat idea, huh? I think I may have to do some of my Christmas Shopping with QVC. After all, I have them to thank for having my own spending money - not to mention getting out of the house and being an actual grown-up with social interactions and everything. How cool is that?

So, there you're pretty much up to date now. What should I blog about next time?

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